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New Electives for 2018-19

Markham Woods Middle School will now be a PROGRAM OF EXPLORATION school. That means we will be able to offer additional elective courses that will help prepare your student for a multiple of career options and future opportunities.


In August 2018, Markham Woods Middle School will be starting a Program of Exploration for Biomechatronics. Biomechatronics is an engineering field that brings together biology, mechanics, and electronics to create devices like prosthetics that help people. Biomechatronics includes robotic hands and legs, as well as pacemakers and devices that return people’s sense of sound or sight. The Biomechatronics Program of Exploration at Markham will give students exposure to important skills that they can use in high school and beyond while learning about a developing field of research and industry. 

To learn more about Biomechatronics and course offerings, visit our Biomechatronics page.

Other New Elective Options

Team Sports: (COMPRE GDE TS semester) (6, 7 or 8)

The purpose of this course will be to help students build solid skills related to team sports. The two athletic disciplines studied and played will be Basketball and Flag Football with a nine weeks being spent on each sport. Team sports is a co-ed class and meets the requirement for the mandated PE elective. This course may be repeated if seats are available.
Dance: (COMPRE GDE D semester) (6, 7 or 8)
Students will learn basic rhythm, choreography and movement related to dance. A focus will be place on Hip Hop and contemporary trends. Dance is a co-ed class and meets the requirement for the mandated PE elective. This course may be repeated if seats are available.
Speech and Debate: (MJ SPEECH-DEBATE semester) (7 or 8)
The purpose of this course is to develop students’ beginning awareness, understanding, and application of language arts as it applies to oral communication concepts and strategies in a variety of given settings. The content will include speech formats and public speaking techniques with a focus on debate. Debates will be on high interest topics that students will have researched, developed claims for, anticipated counter claims and created summative statements. Students will also develop the necessary skills to critique, analyze and question speeches and debates delivered by others.
Literacy through Film and Literature: (RESEARCH F semester) (7 or 8)
Lights, camera and… your semester in Film and Literature begins! In this course students will study literacy and cinematic texts to enhance their literacy and critical thinking skills. Through viewing and analyzing film and considering film’s relationship to literature, students will become aware of how media is constructed to influence our thoughts, perceptions, and emotions. Students will be able to understand how film works through its unique elements (camera angles, lighting, story-boarding, editing and sound) and learn how directors use elements of literature (plot development, characterization, theme and setting) to tell their stories. Students will compare films to literary texts, other times they will compare genres or devices shared by both mediums.
Introduction to Business Management, Marketing and Career Planning: (RESEARCH BM semester) (6, 7 or 8)
Students in this course will study Business Management and Marketing. There will be a focus on leadership skills, collaborative practices, conflict resolution and appropriate social interactions. Current trends and issues that impact global and local business environments will be discussed.
Ambassador Leadership Academy: (RESEARCH A semester) (7 or 8)
Student Ambassadors are a group of students dedicated to the positive promotion of Markham Woods Middle School. Ambassadors will be the image and voice of Markham Woods within our school and community. This course will help develop and provide leadership training in public relations, communication, and interpersonal skills. Students will learn important life skills including but not limited to professional conduct, basic etiquette and social manners, appropriate collaborative interactions, and effective time management. Students will be expected to earn service hours as they practice their skills through community service within our school and beyond. The ability to earn hours during the regular school day will be possible as will outside events and interactions. This course may be repeated if seats are available.


** Also Coming Fall 2019/2020: Digital Media