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Biomechatronics Program of Exploration

In August 2018, Markham Woods Middle School will be starting a Program of Exploration for Biomechatronics. Biomechatronics is an engineering field that brings together biology, mechanics, and electronics to create devices like prosthetics that help people. Biomechatronics includes robotic hands and legs, as well as pacemakers and devices that return people’s sense of sound or sight. The Biomechatronics Program of Exploration at Markham will give students exposure to important skills that they can use in high school and beyond while learning about a developing field of research and industry.

Why Biomechatronics?


Biomechatronics offers many opportunities for our students at Markham Woods that will appeal to many of our families. Because Biomechatronics combines biology, mechanics, and electronics, it gives us a way to provide students with skills and knowledge that can be used many different ways.


Students who complete the program will leave with experience in:

  • Anatomy and Physiology,
  • Electronics and Circuitry,
  • Robotics and Computer Coding,
  • As well as Collaboration and Problem Solving.

These different skill sets can help students find their passion and interests, which can turn into career and college paths in the future.

Biomechatronics as a Stepping Stone

The many skills and areas of knowledge Biomechatronics will introduce to students create opportunities for students to continue their studies beyond their time at Markham Woods Middle School. One of the goals of the program is to help students find their passions and create plans for their futures to make sure they are prepared for the jobs of tomorrow. Biomechatronics students could create their own pathway into a number of different exciting opportunities.

There are several high school magnet programs that specialize in areas of study similar to what the students will learn in Biomechatronics. Crooms Academy for Information Technology and the Seminole High School Health Academy are great opportunities for students to take their skills and experiences in Biomechatronics at Markham and build them into promising careers. Seminole State College and UCF also offer degrees in engineering technology and robotics. The Seminole Technology Business Incubation Center and Sanford Industrial Park offer career opportunities to students who have learned soldering, circuitry, and microfitting from the Biomechatronics program. Careers in robotics, computer programming, and electronics will only grow in the next few decades, and the Biomechatronics program can be a stepping stone for students interested in those careers.

Program Components

Students in each grade level at Markham Woods Middle School will have opportunities to take courses that will help them understand and develop skills in the field of Biomechatronics. Because 2018-2019 is a transition year for the program, it is important to note that not all of the courses below will be offered this year.

Sixth Grade
In 6th Grade, students can take courses that develop background knowledge and skills for engineering and innovation. Students in these courses will learn to collaborate with one another to solve problems as well as begin learning the principles of robotics and computer coding. These courses are introductory and will give students of all backgrounds an opportunity to start their work in Biomechatronics. Courses offered to our 6th graders are Computational Thinking 1 and Global Solutions and Innovations.


Seventh Grade
In 7th Grade, students can take courses that build on what they learned in 6th grade to prepare them for advanced work in computers, robotics, and biomechatronics. Students will advance their knowledge of computer coding and electronic soldering, as well as begin to understand the parts of the human body and their functions. Courses offered to our 7th graders are Health: Anatomy and Physiology and Computational Thinking 2.

Eighth Grade
In 8th Grade, students who have participated in the Biomechatronics Program of Exploration will be able to specialize in something they’ve developed a passion for. Courses offered to our 8th graders are Biomechatronics Lab, Computer Sciences, and Robotics.

Getting Started: Transition Year 2018-2019

Incoming 6th graders and rising 7th and 8th graders will have opportunities to be the first to experience the Biomechatronic Program of Exploration at Markham Woods Middle School. Those who are interested in getting started in August 2018 must return the Biomechatronic Program Interest Form to the Front Office so we can update your student’s course requests for the upcoming school year.

6th Graders may take the semester-long half-credit classes Computational Thinking 1 and Global Solutions and Innovations.

7th and 8th Graders may take the semester-long half-credit classes Computational Thinking 2 and Health: Anatomy and Physiology or the year-long Robotics class.

More Information

For more information regarding the Biomechatronics Program of Exploration, check out Markham Woods Middle School’s website at or e-mail one of the following individuals:

Registration, Scheduling, and Business Partnerships: Linda Mumey, Principal,

Instruction and Family Support: Rosie Jaya, Instructional Coach,

Computer Coding, Robotics, and Technology: Dorianne Pagnotti, BMT Faculty,

Health: Anatomy and Physiology: Tom Stafford, BMT Faculty,

BMT Curriculum and Course Offerings: Donald Fields, BMT Faculty,