Mustangs dare to:

Do your best
   Respect others
      Engage in learning
         Always be positive
            Manage yourself

Mission and Vision

Every Student.  Every Chance.  Every Day.

Vision Statement:
  "To increase the achievement of all students in a safe and supportive learning environmentthrough a culture of excellence, collaboration, and continuous improvementwith the explicit intent of closing the achievement gap."

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Spanish National Honors Society students volunteer their time a Second Harvest Food Bank.

Clubs & Activities

Click HERE for a complete list of Markham Woods Middle Clubs with times and dates!

Extended Learning

We encourage students to extend their learning by selecting a challenging schedule and to enroll in extracurricular activities that will better prepare them for high school, college, and potential careers. We also believe that involved students have happier and more well balanced school-lives that help them grow inside and outside of the classroom. 



Cross Country
Dance/Spirit Squad
Step Team
Mustang Games
Track and Field


Closer Looks

Below are details about some of the extended learning opportunities we have on our campus. For specific details about an activity or a sport, contact the The School Athletic Director or Assistant Principal over Sports and Clubs.

Mu Alpha Theta (MAO)

Mu Alpha Theta (MAO)  is the United States mathematical honor society for high school.  Markham Woods Middle School students who are in high school math class can compete in competitions throughout the state of Florida.  MAO main goals are to inspire keen interest in mathematics, develop strong scholarship in the subject and promote the enjoyment of mathematics in high school level math classes.

At MKMS, we've got DRAMA!

Students at Markham Woods have the opportunity to take a variety of drama classes all three years of middle school, as well as participate in extra-curricular drama activities. In Drama 1 and 2, students create myriad performances in various styles, including pantomime, monologues, voice-over, scenes, etc. They also get an introduction to theatre history, theatrical design, and careers in the entertainment industry. In Drama 3 students create full-length productions which are performed for the public in our black box theatre. Our award-winning thespian troupe (Check out the shiny trophies in the front office.) participates in festivals where students perform in all areas of theatre, from musical theatre to monologues, pantomime to playwrighting. Upstage us. We dare you!

Beta Club

For more than 80 years the National Beta Club has prepared today's students to be tomorrow's leaders.  The Markham Woods Chapter of Junior Beta recognizes high academic achievement and starts students on the path of learning to lead by serving others.

Cross Country

Cross country is a team sport where a individual can enjoy both team unity as well as individual success.  Being a cross country runner means one trains hard not only at practice but at home as well. The goal of cross country is to improve cardiovascular fitness leading to improved times over multiple races.  Team and individual strategies are discussed at practices and before meets to help meet our team goals.  Finally, the season culminates with the country cross country meet where both individual and team honors are given out.


The intent of the Yearbook course is to offer students the opportunity to take part in creating Markham Woods'  yearbooks.  Students will work with Adobe, eDesign and Adobe Photoshop and Edesign to create the yearbook.  While creating the yearbook, students will also learn about accountability and professionalism by conducting interviews, selling ads, working yearbook pre-sales, organizing and hosting spirit and appreciation events.  

Perfect Performer Meeting 2013, 2014,2015 &  2016 Yearbook Deadlines
GOLD  Adviser Award ,  Angelia R Parks  2012, 2013,2014,  2015 & 2016
Design and Theme Development  Awards, 2015
Theme Development Award , 2015 &  2016
Outstanding Coverage Award, 2015 & 2016